A toolkit to integrate competences for sustainable development in marketing programs #MARKEDO


Since launching the 2005-2014 UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), considerable attention has been given to the integration of Sustainable Development (SD) in Higher Education. The main goal of ESD is to pass on values and competences inherent to sustainability to the students. The integration of sustainability in higher education sets focus on different roles of universities: education, research, societal outreach, and campus operations. Within education, the attention towards competences ranges from a ‘general’ focus on competences for SD, to specific ‘disciplinary’ focus on competences, e.g. within Teacher Training, Social Work and Ecodesign.

A translation of general competences for SD to disciplinary competences for marketing programs is not available in ‘ready-to-use’ products or guidelines – at least not at the Flemish level. The project “Toolkit ESD-Competences in Marketing Programs”, also named MARKEDO (which is the abbreviation of the original title in Dutch: Toolkit EDO-competenties voor MARKetingdocenten) wants to focus on the educators’ role in ESD, offering tools and instruments to integrate competences for SD within their course or study program. The goals of the project are: (1) to define and translate competences for SD within the context of study programs in marketing (and to a broader extent business management); (2) to develop educational tools for marketing teachers; (3) to educate-the-educators about ESD within marketing programs.

The result of the project will be a ready-to-use toolkit with instruments focusing on the integration of competences for SD in marketing programs, including (1) an overview of disciplinary competences for SD; (2) an overview of educational tools and instruments to integrate these competences in the curriculum; (3) a collection of good practices, including do’s and don’ts and critical success factors; (4) a collection of teaching materials to use in a marketing course or study program.

The project tries to answer the needs of a practical translation of competences for SD to a disciplinary level. Furthermore, it helps in training the educators in higher education, by offering practical tools and instruments. However focusing on marketing teachers, the toolkit will also be applicable in a broad range of study programs related to economics, business and management.

The project runs for a two-year period, 2013-2014, results of the project will be presented in November 2014.



However the focus of the project is at the Flemish level, educators and researchers from other countries are encouraged to participate in the project, by providing good practices on the use of competences for SD within marketing programs or business management programs. If you are interested in the project, please contact Anne De Cort (anne.decort@ucll.be), leave a comment below, or on twitter (@Sustainabl_HE).

This project is run by Leuven University College, Department of Business Studies (KHLeuven, ECHO) and supported by Provincie Vlaams-Brabant (Province of Flemish Brabant).



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