About this website

Dear reader, welcome to my blog devoted to sustainable higher education. It is a place to show-and-tell about my experiences in this field. Experiences I gained during my research and outreach projects, publications and workshops with several stakeholders.

Since the 1990’s, many higher education institutions worldwide signed sustainability charters and declarations – of which the Copernicus Charter (1994) is one of the most cited. In signing these documents, they committed to take an active role in promoting sustainable lifestyles. This commitment leads towards initiatives to educate students for sustainable development, orient research and outreach towards sustainability and integrate sustainability into the operations of universities.

Having worked with so many people in the field of sustainable higher education, I received regular requests for information about my projects and publications. This website is meant to provide all this information on one spot. Every once in a while I will post a new topic about sustainable higher education, or news about the latest project, publication or conference I’m involved in. So if you are interested in, or want to learn more about topics including competences for sustainable development, curriculum design, research for sustainable development, change management for sustainability in higher education, sustainability assessment, criteria, indicators and instruments, e.g. the use of the Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education (AISHE), sustainability reporting in higher education, school community collaboration, stakeholder involvement, sustainability implementation models, etc., then sign up to follow this blog and you will be notified whenever a new item is added to the site.

Take a look around, if you have any questions, suggestions or you wish to have further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch! If you have trouble in downloading files, need more information, or have a suggestion, send me an e-mail. I’m also curious and eager to learn more about other initiatives, projects, publications and opportunities to collaborate.

Let’s foster the integration of sustainable development in higher education – together.

Best regards

Wim Lambrechts

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