MOOC on Marine Litter 2019

A new run of the succesful MOOC on Marine Litter (as launched a few years ago) will start on the 29th of April 2019. The previous Marine Litter MOOC (provided for free and available in English and Spanish) attracted thousands of participants. The new version will be available in more languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian), and consists of a Leadership Track and an Expert Track (available in English and Spanish).


MOOC on Marine Litter 2019

The MOOC on Marine Litter has been created by UN Environment and the Open University of the Netherlands. The MOOC is part of Clean Seas, and contributes to the goals of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter.

Marine litter is a global problem that affects every ocean of the world. Litter is an environmental, human health and socio-economic problem that is a symptom of a highly disposable society. With worldwide growth in the amount of solid litter thrown away every day and slow rates of degradation, the amount of litter present in the marine environment is increasing.

The MOOC on marine litter strives to teach students through action oriented learning how they can apply successful and inspiring activities to their own local context, regardless of their profession or location. The course will present different options and tools to combat marine pollution such as the use of effective and legitimate tools like the Honolulu Strategy. The course will provide examples and case studies that will inspire leadership at all levels, thereby increasing awareness of and stimulating creative solutions to marine litter problems. Moreover, this course will benefit policymakers, practitioners, and managers who wish to connect with other professionals in order to enhance their knowledge of marine litter issues.

Two steps to participate

  1. Go to the learning platform and register. See instructions here
  2. Sign in and enroll your preferred track & language. See instructions here

More information

All information about the MOOC and registration is available on the website.




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